Touring the DMK Zeven plant

In Germany, Barbara Otte-Kinast, Lower Saxony minister for food, agriculture and consumer protection, visited the DMK Group Zeven plant’s milk innovation centre (MIC). At the MIC, DMK develops new products for the food retailing, bulk consumer and consumer goods industries.

The minister was delighted with the company’s recent award for being a good training company and with the company’s efforts to reposition itself. “We must get to the point where people know how much sugar there is in food. If we explain that clearly, then everyone can better decide how he/she wants to feed him/herself,” she noted.

“Zeven is a very important location for the DMK Group. All the more we welcome the fact that the politicians also confirm the significance of the dairy industry for the region,” said DMK chairman of the supervisory board, Heinz Korte.

“At DMK we develop new concepts and products that meet the needs of consumers and help them to live a balanced life. We are currently launching a project to gradually reduce the added sugar for our main brand Milram, so consumers get used to less sugar. We do not compensate for the lower sugar content with sweeteners or sweetener-based flavours, but with milk and yogurt,” CEO Ingo Müller explained to the minister.

The minister was also interested in DMK’s focus on education, as the Zeven plant was selected as the training company of the year 2018 by the German dairy industry. At Zeven, the company trains almost 40 apprentices for jobs at the plant.

“Our apprentices are the future of our company. Therefore it is important for us to counteract the shortage of skilled workers through qualified training and targeted vocational support and to offer young people a lasting perspective,” Müller said.


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