Healthy aging solutions inspired by senior consumers

With a rapidly aging population, and that population trying to stay healthy longer, a combination of targeted nutrition and exercise can help delay the aging process, so seniors stay fit and active.

A DuPont Nutrition & Health consumer survey has identified the top health concerns of European seniors and found that active ingredients are a primary driver of senior nutrition purchases. For food manufacturers, the findings reveal a realm of opportunities to develop targeted nutritional products for active adults as they age.

“A growing number of manufacturers are already acting on the opportunities to aim new food products at the healthy nutrition market. With our survey, we wanted to understand the main health concerns of the senior consumer group, which kinds of nutritional products they already buy and what triggers their purchases. Such insights help define the best market positioning for new products,” said Leonardo Rubio Anselmi, regional beverage and bars marketing manager at DuPont.

A total of 900 active seniors aged 60 to 75 participated in the survey, which was conducted in Germany, Italy and the U.K. More than 73% claimed to follow a balanced diet, and close to 68% stated that active ingredients are the main driver when they buy nutritional food products.

In clinical studies, the plant proteins, probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibre in the DuPont healthy aging portfolio have been seen to make a positive contribution to muscle mass, digestive health and/or immune health.

“We know, for example, that senior adults need to consume 1.2g of protein per kilo body weight a day and take regular exercise to maintain their muscle mass. By consuming probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibre, they also support a good gut balance, which is key to a well-functioning digestive and immune system,” said Jane Whittaker, regional beverage application lead.

DuPont has developed a series of inspirational concepts to demonstrate the application opportunities with its healthy aging solutions. Other functional ingredients, including stabilisers, sugar replacers and texturants, ensure the concepts are as appealing as they are nutritious.

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