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Every day millions of people around the world experience Arla and its products, but may not have even heard of them. They should have done. Processing approximately two billion litres of milk a year, Arla is one of the UK’s leading dairy companies supplying a third of the nation’s milk. The company works with all the major retailers and owns many of the UK’s leading dairy brands including Lurpak, Anchor, Cravendale, and Lactofree.
If you are interested in pursuing a global career, you will have a unique opportunity to do so at Arla Foods. A co-operative, owned by over 7,000 Danish, Swedish and German dairy farmers, they have production facilities in 13 countries and sales offices in 33 countries across five continents. Employees are encouraged to be internationally mobile in order to further a mutual cultural understanding.
Arla Foods offers an array of challenging jobs and career possibilities within a number of fields. What’s more, it’s a chance to work with talented and dedicated colleagues who are responsible for developing, producing, marketing, selling, and distributing high quality dairy products.
Employees at every level are empowered to lead, sense, and create, the character of the company. We actively encourage all our colleagues to take the lead, and strive for leadership and high potential in all their work. Alongside this, they are also encouraged to take a sensing approach, listening to consumers and customers to discover new opportunities, and to be creative in building competencies, products and relationships.
Joining Arla also means helping the environment by getting Closer to Nature, as the company has made a commitment to become the world’s most natural dairy company. We ensure every action we take is done with nature, and therefore the environment, in mind. We care about how we produce our products and seek to ensure we make them in the most natural way.
Vacancies can be found on the Arla Foods UK careers website.

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