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For more than 50 years, Reiser has been a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment to the cheese industry. During that time, Reiser has gained recognition for its high-quality equipment, innovative technology and outstanding service and support.

Vemag Cheese Block and Shape Formers

Reiser and Vemag have designed a variety of Cheese Forming systems for all types of applications and production requirements. This system combines a Vemag with a Block or Shape Former Extruding attachment. This solution extrudes exact-weight cheese blocks and shapes with consistent dimensions and clean, uniform edges. Changeover from one shape to another is easily achieved. It eliminates waste by repurposing cheese trim, ends, and scraps. Use it to produce blocks and shapes of all sizes.

Holac Cheese Dicers

Reiser and Holac offer a complete range of Dicers for applications of all types and sizes. Holac Dicers provide unmatched versatility and easily produce a variety of uniform product shapes and sizes. Featuring a simple-to-change cutting grid, a single Holac can cube, strip, shred or flake all types of cheese products and improve yields with consistent size pieces ranging from 3 mm to 57 mm. Holac offers a wide range of equipment to satisfy any production requirement, from stand-alone machines to fully-automated lines. All Holac equipment is designed for easy sanitation and total hygiene.


Reiser’s full line of packaging equipment includes Variovac form/fill/seal packaging machines, Ross tray sealing equipment, and Supervac automatic belt vacuum chamber machines. Each line includes various models to suit applications of all sizes and can package all types of cheese products. Reiser packaging equipment is best known for producing packages with high-quality seals – virtually eliminating leakers, rework and returns. Reiser packaging equipment provides the highest levels of efficiency, speed and reliability, making them the most trusted machines in the industry.

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