PLF International Limited

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Iconfield, Harwich
CO12 4EN
United Kingdom

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At PLF we are aware that powders can be fragile and expensive with limited shelf life – we do not use augers, and produce machines which are gentle and extremely accurate.

Machines range from single, twin and multi-head in line fillers, through to high-speed rotary filling machines with real-time production information and diagnostics, either stand alone and full turnkey production lines. They can be semi or fully automatic and are built so that performance can be enhanced to meet production demands. Each machine is fitted with individual head-update to ensure maximum accuracy and minimum giveaway.

PLF works closely with its customers incorporating complete project management of turnkey installation projects within its portfolio as well as the latest development of machines such as scoop inserters, vision systems, laser coding system, in-line gassing, high speed reject system and UV sterilisation applications.

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