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Enercon Industries Ltd
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Enercon Industries is the world leading cap sealing brand.

Over the past 30 years, Enercon has established itself as the principal provider of induction foil sealing systems and is dedicated to delivering reliable state-of-the-art products and cost effective solutions.

Its Super Seal™ induction sealing technology can be found in the working production lines of some of the biggest known brands around the world. Every day our machines are trusted to foil seal over 75 billion containers.

In fact, in the UK, when you take a lid off a container, the foil seal you see beneath is almost certainly put there by an Enercon machine.

Enercon offers the most diverse range of induction sealer technology on the market – from high speed production line cap sealers to manual handheld units.

The company prides itself on sharing its extensive expertise with customers to help them reap the rewards of heat sealing, including: increased productivity, prevention of leakers, extended shelf life, reduced unit cost and protection from counterfeiting and tampering.

Enercon specialises in the following industries: food and beverage, dairy, automotive, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and household.

One of its biggest markets is the milk industry – it seals around 3.4billion milk bottles every year in the UK alone.

The induction sealing specialists work closely with all the major closure foil liner and container manufacturers to ensure technical support for the life of the equipment. Its worldwide network of representatives and distributors offers an unparalleled level of expertise for sales, service, technical support, training and consultancy across all industry sectors. The highly knowledgeable team is always on hand to safeguard your reputation everything from free induction sealer application testing to field service and support.

Enercon is confident that when its induction sealers leave its factories, they have been built to a superior standard of manufacture and comply with all current legislation and CE directives.

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