United in difference

I went to Copenhagen to go to Eurovision in Malmö for the weekend. My friends flew from Finland, and we met our other friend in Copenhagen. We saw the final dress rehearsal and we were all just amazed at the people who one does not see on the television. The people dressed in black, rushing to get the stage cleared, set up, and then run back and forth with cameras to capture the artists’ performance. It is something else. The fact that the show is so seamless is down to that tireless crew.

I was also impressed by the people who came from all over the world to participate and see the shows. We met people on the train, and in restaurants – just about everywhere in the city and in Malmö. People were friendly and chatty. We commiserated with the man at the café wearing his Australia shirt, and said Australia were robbed, as it was a pretty good tune. We admired the sparkly shirts and dresses on the queue to get in. My friend showed off her Finland-esque attire to much admiration.

We then made sure to get a gelato in the town while out for a walk that evening. Readers, I did not watch the final live. Instead, we went for a nice walk and retired early. Woke up and realised Nemo had done it for Switzerland. Their performance was both a catchy, meaningful tune, and a lot of skillful balancing on the disk. A well-deserved win.

As for the protests, we seemed to miss them. Those and the controversy over Israel got all the coverage, but sometimes I think, maybe that’s because bad news travels fast. The amount of love, good cheer and goodwill that was going on in Malmö and Copenhagen last week isn’t as newsworthy, but it was very much in evidence.

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