Ingredia launches blockchain for dairy ingredients

Transparency and traceability have been major trends in the food industry for several years. Consumers no longer have trust in the food industry and are confused by the vast number of labels, certifications and promises on their packaging.

Therefore, consumers demand transparency, and look for products that are in line with their values and keep their promises.

French dairy co-operative Ingredia, in partnership with Connecting Food, has presented the first certified, traced and audited dairy ingredients in real time, allowing farmers to apply the dairy blockchain to their products and reduce time-to-market.

In 2017, Ingredia implemented its CSR policy, Via Lacta, and now the dairy co-operative goes further in its CSR commitments by tracking and auditing its eco-responsible dairy ingredients by blockchain in real time, a first in the dairy sector.

In addition to giving complete traceability from the farm to the ingredient, Connecting Food’s solution, dedicated to the food industry, allows farmers to go further by means of a real-time digital audit. It enables manufacturers to ensure ingredients are verified to certain criteria, e.g. GMO free, animal welfare friendly or origin of the Hauts-de-France.

At the end of the chain, the consumer has access to a promise that is kept and verified in real time, in complete transparency.

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  1. Dairy products and milk are considered as nutrient dense food supplying energy, protein and micronutrients such as calcium, selenium, vitamin B12, and B5, and magnesium among others which are essential in reducing malnutrition and hunger.

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