US export council opens Singapore centre

The US Dairy Export Council officially unveiled a new US Center for Dairy Excellence in Singapore “to serve as a hub for collaborative dairy innovation in Southeast Asia,” the council says.

The investment is a tangible illustration of increasing optimism for a more prosperous US dairy future in a fast-growing region that includes Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, the US DEC notes.

Funding comes from US dairy farmers through the national dairy checkoff programme.

“The US Center for Dairy Excellence creates an education hub and meeting place where relationships can be developed and strengthened, where we can share market intelligence and insights, spark ideation, lead research, and share the story of US dairy’s sustainable production,” says secretary Tom Vilsack, USDEC president and CEO. “It represents a long-term commitment by the US dairy industry to the region and exports, and recognition of the importance of Southeast Asia as an innovation hub.”

A virtual launch celebration was held, attended by industry, academia and government guests from across Southeast Asia. The virtual 360-degree tour highlighted the centre’s key features, which includes a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, ISO standard-based sensory evaluation lab, meeting and training rooms and the latest video broadcasting capabilities showcasing how the US centre can further support customers and partners in Southeast Asia.

USDEC has been active in developing the market since 1998. Demand for US dairy exports climbed by $250 million (€208.3m) from 2017 to 2019 in the region, up to $934 million (€778.7m), for cheeses and dairy ingredients such as milk powders, dairy protein, lactose and permeate, the US DEC says.


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