Swiss Milk Day celebrated nationally

Over 100,000 people across Switzerland enjoyed learning about the benefits of Swiss milk on Swiss Milk Day. This event gave the population the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with milk producers at over 100 locations. Swissmilk, an industry organisation, has been running Swiss Milk Day since 2009 with the aim of getting milk producers, young breeders and other players in the dairy industry to talk to consumers. It cooperated with numerous partners that made milk and milk products available, with Aldi Suisse and Lidl Suisse joining this year.

At 115 locations, consumers were able to experience milk and milk products up close. Depending on the stand there were various milk products to enjoy. In many places, the milk producers themselves looked after the stand, thus providing a good opportunity for consumers to get to know farm life first-hand.

Swiss Milk Day was this year also a good opportunity for the newly elected president of the Swiss milk producers to get in touch with the population. Boris Beuret, who was elected on 12 April, visited the Swissmilk stand in Geneva.

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