Amcor and La Fromagerie Milleret together

Amcor, a packaging provider, has collaborated with the French family-owned cheese producer, Fromagerie Milleret, to launch a new recycle-ready paper packaging for the company’s Le Baron Brie and l’Ortolan Bio premium cheeses.

Amcor and Fromagerie Milleret have worked together for over 30 years, on soft cheese products and sustainable packaging. Utilising Amcor’s AmFiber Matrix recycle-ready breathable wrap, Fromagerie Milleret’s new paper packaging solution is recyclable in existing paper streams, without compromising the quality or integrity of the product itself.

Q. How does the new packaging address sustainability trends, and how long did it take to develop?

The new packaging of Fromagerie Milleret’s L’Ortolon Bio and Le Baron Brie utilise Amcor’s AmFiber Matrix packaging.

Providing a more sustainable solution for soft cheese packaging, the AmFiber Matrix soft cheese wrap is certified as a recycle-ready solution in countries with established paper streams. This includes locations such as Germany through Cyclos-HTP, Italy through Aticelca 501/2019, and of course, France via CEREC. As a recycle-ready solution, the packaging addresses concerns of packaging waste, whilst also combating food waste with refined technology to protect the quality and freshness of soft cheese for longer. All of which contributes to an improved customer experience and greater innovation around Amcor and Fromagerie Milleret’s sustainability credentials.

This is the result of Amcor’s long-term commitment to providing solutions for breathable soft cheese packaging. In 2015, Amcor launched its first paraffin-free packaging, with a simplified structure that enabled the soft cheese to ripen in-pack, both naturally and in a controlled way. Since then, our R&D team has invested time and effort to improve this solution and make it recycle-ready, ensuring consistent quality, taste experience and shelf-life performance.

Q. What does Amcor consider the top priority in developing new packaging technology?

Amcor develops responsible packaging solutions for food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care, and collaborates with a wide variety of customers. Our top priority is to improve the sustainability performance of packaging while also improving product

protection. In 2018, the company made a pledge to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025. For dairy products, this pledge has inspired new recycle-ready packaging solutions for hard cheese, soft cheese, mozzarella, yogurt and processed cheese.

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