IFCN dairy tech event highlights benefits of IT solutions

The IFCN Dairy Research Network hosted a webinar on 17 January about dairy tech with Progressive Dairy for an overview and insights into the dairy tech field for the international audience. The 90 minute session explained how IFCN has mapped 224 companies including 43 additional tech companies for its dairy tech map. There are 95 companies working with less than 100,000 cows, 61 companies working with 100,000 to one million cows and 68 large companies working with more than one million cows.

Advantages for IT solutions on dairy farms included: supporting the industry to innovate faster, to real time monitor and improve efficiency on dairy farms and beyond, to increase the confidence in decision making and prioritising daily work, decreasing the animal mortality rate, increasing fertility, and to become more sustainable from farm to fork, both economically and environmentally.

Panellists highlighted challenges, such as: the need for a standard approach to measure farm activities towards sustainable milk production, to ensure comparability of farm performance and performance of the whole dairy supply chain. Other issues included the lack of IT infrastructure and connectivity on farms, the potential users needing to be more understanding of the benefits of using IT, and for it to be intuitive.

For more information visit www.ifcndairy.org.

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