The Expo is nearly here

Yes, it’s nearly here. In two weeks’ time we’ll be packing up down south and heading to Staffordshire County Showground, for the International Cheese & Dairy Expo. It promises to be an information-filled few days, ranging from the Society of Dairy Technology’s Summer Symposium and Annual Dinner on 26 June, to the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, to the Expo’s exhibitors and full day of seminars on 27 June.

It will be a few days not to miss out, if you want the latest about the industry. Who’s doing what, and what new equipment and products are available for the dairy processor. Cheese will be on offer, with thousands of entries and hundreds of judges.

There will be so many exhibitors to visit, so definitely wear your comfortable walking shoes for this, ranging from AB Dairy to Beijing Kwinbon Technology, and cheese makers including Belton Farms and Shepherds Purse. I was looking at Facchinetti equipment this week while I was in Italy, and thinking, I can spend more time examining it in Stafford in a few weeks’ time.

Personnel, automation, IT, enzymes, cheese making and every aspect of the dairy processing industry is on show here at the Expo. It is going to be a busy full day, I guarantee. That hall is packed full of amazing companies offering so much information (and cheese), it will be quite the event. Don’t miss it!

Grab your ticket and let’s see you at the Expo!

For more information on the event, please contact Samantha Bull, [email protected].

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