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My friend has just returned from a family holiday to South Korea, and in addition to the beaches and other sights, she enthused about the Imsil Cheese Theme Park. The park, which opened in 2004, is modelled after the village of Appenzell in Switzerland, well known for its cheese production. Its attractions include cheese-themed rides, a cheese experience centre and exhibition space where visitors can learn about cheese and create cheese themselves. Which sounded like a nice way to spend a day. They brought me back a t-shirt.  

Cheese production globally has been expanding. In 2023, it is estimated to reach 22.35 million metric tonnes, according to Statista. The European Union alone produced 10.55 million metric tonnes in 2022, making it the largest source of cheese overall.  

Meanwhile, the rise of countries such as China and India are anticipated to drive the global cheese market in the coming years, according to market analysts Research and Markets. Previously, the consumption of cheese was largely confined to western countries. However, with the increasing trend of food consumption patterns along with growing economy, rise in middle class population and increasing urbanisation, the consumption of cheese in these markets are expected to grow, the analysts note.
“The growth of the organised retail sector is also positively impacting the global cheese market. Until a few years ago, a number of global players were hesitant to sell their products in developing countries due to the fear of spoilage and lack of infrastructure, storage facilities and appropriate knowledge about the developing market,” the analysts say. 

I suspect companies such as Lye Cross Farm here in the UK could have something to say about exports to new markets, as it has a presence in South Korea and more than 40 other countries. Cheese sells and having that heritage is something that other markets appreciate, no matter where you are in the world.  

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