Mozzarella tops in Switzerland

Last year, more cheese was sold in Swiss retail trade as well as in the gastronomical and wholesale trade. In terms of sales, mozzarella is number one in the gastro sector, while Gruyère topped the retail sector.

Around 10.8% of the retail sales of cheese went to Gruyère in 2017, as the government agricultural department for market analysis writes in its latest report. In second place was Raclette and third was mozzarella. In terms of sales in the retail trade, higher price cheese segments are highly popular, according to the report.

Things were different in the gastro-wholesale segments in Switzerland. The clear number one was mozzarella, with a sales share of 17.9%. In terms of quantity, mozzarella accounted for 27.8%, as it is popular on items such as pizza.

Last year retailers sold 0.6% more, while cheese in the catering trade saw an uptick of 9%.

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