DMK Group fully takes over joint venture DV Nutrition

The DMK Group will be wholly acquiring assets in DV Nutrition, bringing its joint venture with Volac to an end.

DV Nutrition is a joint venture between DOC Kaas (part of DMK Group) and Volac and has been producing whey protein and lactose-based ingredients since 2004.

The announcement comes as both partners wish to develop their businesses in different directions. Separation of activities will enable clear and focused strategies for the future to be implemented for both Volac and DMK Group, aimed at delivering the best interests of their respective businesses, stakeholders and shareholders.

DMK has defined clear roles for its business as defined in its “Vision 2030” which positions its business areas for the future. As part of the realignment, the DMK Group will focus on value creation and take a very market-oriented approach. DMK intends to invest in growth areas in the years to come including infrastructure, M&A activity, R&D partnerships, marketing, sales and distribution.

As of January 1st 2020, the DMK Group is expected to acquire all of the shares in the joint venture which will then be located in the business unit ‘Industry’ within the DMK Group. It will continue to operate from the existing site at Hoogeveen in the Netherlands.

As part of the joint venture, Volac was responsible for the sales and marketing of all products manufactured by DV Nutrition. Volac will continue to supply protein products sourced from the DV Nutrition factory to its sport and active nutrition customers for the foreseeable future after which new customer supply arrangements will have been put in place by Volac. The intention is that products manufactured by DV Nutrition will be supplied directly to customers in the future by the DMK Group.

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