Cheese exports up in Switzerland

Switzerland was in 2019 able to export 4.5% more cheese in volume compared to 2018. Exports were also increased by 3% in terms of value. A total of 75,877 tons (+ 3,282 tons) of Swiss cheese worth CHF667.7 million (€616.3m) were exported, according to Switzerland Cheese Marketing (SCM).

The data collected by TSM Treuhand shows that the different product categories have developed very differently. The average export price of CHF8.80/kg (€8.12/kg) was slightly lower than in 2018. One-third more cream cheese, mozzarella and curd were exported, and 10% more semi-hard cheese. The export figures for ready-made fondue rose by almost 8%.

The main sales market is Europe with over 80% of the exported volume, around half of which goes to Germany.

At the same time imports rose by 2.8% to a total of 64,129 tons, which corresponds to a value of CHF434.1 million (€400.6m).

The value-based trade balance closed at CHF233.5 million (€215.5m), or 5.7% higher than in 2018. Almost 10% more hard cheese was imported. Around 82% of all cheese imports come from Italy.

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