Ecolean enters Brazil with packaging for Betânia Lácteos

Following its extensive expansion strategy, Ecolean has announced its expansion into Brazil with the launch of the lightweight Ecolean Air package for Betânia Lácteos, the largest dairy producer in north-eastern Brazil.

The new partnership has resulted in the launch of the first product in an Ecolean package on the Brazilian market, a nutritious Bat Gut vitamin smoothie-type product. The Bat Gut brand was a flexible packaging pioneer in the 1990s and the brand has now innovated again with the unique Ecolean packaging concept.

“Bat Gut is already a strong brand and we plan to further enhance brand value with added-convenience, innovative packaging and a delicious vitamin formulation,” said Bruno Girão, CEO of Betânia. “The enhancement follows a Brazilian consumer study that identified the need for more practicality and convenience, and a formulation that would meet the needs of their day-to-day lives.”

“Ecolean takes pride in offering packaging solutions to the Brazilian liquid food industry that meet consumer demands for greater convenience, sustainability and food safety,” said Andreas Jeppsson, regional director, Americas at Ecolean. “Our lighter approach to packaging is recognised as making a real difference in markets all around the world. The launch of Betânia, marks Ecolean’s entry into the promising Brazilian market and we look forward to many more Ecolean product packaging launches.”

The two different Bat Gut products are already available from the main supermarkets in north-eastern Brazil – in ‘Strawberry, Banana and Oat’, as well as ‘Guava and Cereal’ flavours.

Ecolean believes its portfolio of solutions in Brazil offers liquid food companies a new way of making a difference, by packing dairy products, beverages and prepared food processors, such as dairy cream, condensed milk, yogurts, juices, soups and food service products in unique, lightweight Ecolean packages.

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