Amul introduces camel milk powder and ice cream

After the successful launch of Camel Fresh Milk, Camel Long life milk and Camel Chocolates, Amul has forayed further into value added camel milk products by launching its newest offering in the form of Camel Milk powder and Camel Milk ice cream.

Camel milk is known to have numerous health benefits. It is reportedly rich in minerals, improves gut health and helps in boosting immunity. Used for thousands of years across various cultures, the milk even finds mention in Ayurvedic texts for its many benefits.

Camel milk contains an insulin-like protein, which manages sugar level in the blood. Camel milk powder is a product which can help not just in management of diabetes, but its prevention as well. With increasing awareness, the demand for such camel milk products are on the rise. Rising demand, limited supply in the market and high pricing by existing players has led Amul to tap into this enormous opportunity and enter the market.

Amul Camel Milk Powder is priced at just Rs 35 for 25g pack, (Rs 140 per 100g) which is approximately one fourth the price of similar product currently available in the market.  Amul Camel milk powder will enable lakhs of individuals to try the goodness of Camel milk across the country for the first time.

Amul Camel milk powder is made from natural camel milk procured from camel herders in Kutch region of Gujarat. The milk undergoes stringent testing and quality control before being converted to camel milk powder in Amul’s modern, state-of-the-art plants. Amul has tried to maintain the powder as natural as possible with no addition of sugar or preservatives. The milk powder has shelf life of 8 months from date of manufacturing. This will be real boon to the milk producers of Kutch, according to the company, as it will help extend the shelf life of milk and extend its availability through Amul’s nation-wide distribution network. The product has also been launched on leading ecommerce platforms.

Amul’s new Camel Milk ice cream is made from 100% camel milk and it is good for health conscious consumer as it contains only 4.4% fat. It has no added flavours or colours.The product is launched in a Jumbo Cup (125ml) at MRP Rs.30/-. The product will be available nationwide through Amul’s ice cream and frozen products distribution network.

Camel milk is also the source of livelihood for camel herders. Since the launch of camel milk products by Amul, rates of camel milk in Gujarat have doubled for these farmers, which has revived the sector once again. The breeders who were not even getting Rs 20 per litre of camel milk are now getting more than Rs 50 per litre. The new launches will also expand the demand of camel milk and provide the much needed support to the breeders of Kutch as well as healthy products to the consumers, according to Amul.

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    How to use camel milk powder. Can we make tea or add to boiling water to driias milk

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