SalzburgMilch raises milk price

SalzburgMilch wants to counteract the extreme cost pressure on its 2400 farmers. Austria’s third-largest dairy is therefore raising the milk price, so the basic payment price for dairy farmers is up to €0.5 gross per litre.

For many months, the dairy farmers at SalzburgMilch have been confronted with a veritable explosion in costs, affecting energy, fuel, fertilizer, animal feed and building materials alike.

“Because of the ongoing cost increases, the livelihood of many is now at stake. The family-run, small-scale farms, which are so typical of SalzburgMilch, are hit particularly hard. We therefore have to intervene again in order to be able to ensure security of supply,” explains Andreas Gasteiger, managing director at SalzburgMilch.

The milk price for all types of milk has been increased by 1.05 eurocents gross and an animal welfare bonus of 1.47 eurocents gross will also be paid out.

Due to the extreme market situation, GMO-free milk is also rewarded with a separate recycling surcharge of 1.13 eurocents gross.

The basic payment price for GMO-free milk thus increases by 3.65 eurocents gross to € 0.5 gross (44.25 eurocents net).

With the various types of hay milk and organic milk from SalzburgMilch, the price of milk has risen to 69.86 eurocents gross (61.83 eurocents net).

In view of the currently completely changed market situation, Andreas Gasteiger emphasizes the need for further negotiations:

“The last price negotiations with national and international trading partners were successfully concluded. However, it will not be amiss to enter into negotiations again, as the market is picking up extremely and the sharp price increases in all areas cannot be dealt with alone”.

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