Belton Farm invests in new UK facility

Belton Farm Limited has announced that it has completed a major £1.75million investment in a new state-of-the-art speciality cheese cutting and packing facility.  Located at Belton Farm, Whitchurch, Shropshire the new BRC AA accredited facility will provide the British cheese maker with greater cutting and packing capacity and capabilities.

The new facility is part of a longer-term capital investment programme to enhance and future proof Belton Farm’s speciality cheese business. In doing so, it will provide a strong base from which to grow further Belton Farm’s position as a leading supplier of branded classic and contemporary speciality British cheese to both UK and overseas customers.

The new cutting and packing facility will deliver increased efficiencies; provide greater operational flexibility and customer service levels; and over time lead to the adoption of innovative new pack sizes and formats for Belton Farm’s growing speciality cheese business.  It will also enable the business to leverage additional benefits from locating its specialist cheese making, maturing and cutting and packing operations all on one integrated site.

Commenting on the new cutting and packing facility, Justin Beckett, managing director of Belton Farm said: “The completion of our new cheese cutting and packing facility here at Belton Farm is an integral part of our plan to grow and develop our speciality cheese business. It comes in the year that we celebrate our cheese making centenary here at Belton Farm and demonstrates that we are not only proud of our heritage but also focused on our future.

“The new facility has been purpose built to enhance further our ability to provide the highest levels of product care and customer service; deliver greater efficiencies and operational flexibility; and allow us to offer innovative new pack sizes and formats.  In doing so, we are confident that will be able to meet the current and future needs of our growing number of speciality cheese customers both in the UK and increasingly overseas.”

The completion of the new facility means that the activity previously undertaken by Belton Packing & Logistics at its Wrexham site has been moved to Belton Farm. At the same time, the business is pleased to confirm that its existing staff have also moved to the new facility.

The new speciality cheese cutting and packing facility will complement Belton Farm’s existing relationships with cheese packing suppliers, who will continue to handle the majority of its cheese packing requirements.

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