Global marketing trends report increases for dairy, says IDF and Cniel

According to the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2022, demand for dairy products will continue to grow, supported by the population growth, increasing incomes and dietary changes. Between 2018 and 2031, OECD-FAO expects an increase of 24% in total dairy consumption. This corresponds to an average pace of +1.7% per year. This information is covered in the third edition of the IDF Global Marketing Trends report, which is now available. ( The research, which was fielded and developed by Cniel, surveyed marketers within the dairy sector across 22 countries to capture the drivers and barriers to milk and dairy food consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic period of 2019-2021.

The report highlights the impact of trends that emerged and developed in the very specific context of the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of dairy. Some of these trends are expected to last, while others were exclusively related to the crisis. It covers a cross-section of product categories including liquid milk, butter and ghee, cheese, yogurt, cream and ice cream. There are also sections dedicated to the anti-milk, anti-fat and anti-dairy farming discourses, dairy intake recommendations, plant-based products and particular diets (flexitarianism, vegetarianism and veganism). “This report is a must read for actors involved in the dairy sector who wish to better understand the evolution of consumption of milk and dairy foods during the Covid-19 pandemic,” explains Caroline Emond, IDF director general.

“To understand the changes in dairy marketing trends is vital to identify the main drivers of dairy consumption in different countries around the world. The Global Marketing Trends reports is a compilation of those key drivers,” adds Laurent Damiens, DDG strategy and international at Cniel, the French Dairy Interbranch Organisation. Caroline Emond, Laurent Damiens and Isabelle Pinta-Costa, Action Team Project Leader for Global Marketing Trends survey, will also host an IDF technical webinar on 12 April 9:30 am CEST, to share some of the publication’s main takeaways. The registration fee of the webinar is €35 for individuals and €75 for organisations (up to six people). A 25% discount on the Global Marketing Trends report is offered to registrants.

Get the new edition of IDF Global Marketing here.

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