Harry Davis & Company sells former Prairie Farms Ice Cream Production Facility

Harry Davis & Company has announced that the former Prairie Farms’ Ice Cream Specialties production facility in Decatur, IL, has been sold to Oregon-based dairy cooperative Tillamook County Creamery Association. Harry Davis & Company acquired the legacy dairy facility from Prairie Farms with the intention of identifying a new operator, continuing local production, and securing jobs in the community.

The deal puts the facility on the road to full production with approximately 45 new local jobs when the plant starts production in late 2024. The plant can produce 14M+ gallons of ice cream yearly at peak, and is an important keystone in local economic growth.

Lenny Davis, CEO of Harry Davis & Company, believed the operational facility presented an opportunity for high growth operators looking to expand in the soaring ice cream industry. Immediate entry to the market, alongside the local milkshed and Midwest location, brought a buyer in fewer than 60 days.

“We initially worked with Prairie Farms to understand their needs once they decided to exit this facility and it was apparent to us there was a significant value and opportunity in finding a processor to restart production, which is the best case for the community, workforce and local milkshed,” said Davis about the facility. He continued, “Sales of ice cream spiked nationwide throughout the pandemic making it a challenging time for companies looking to add capacity. Tillamook is one of the country’s fastest growing ice cream brands so this acquisition makes sense. With expanded hiring and production on the horizon, it was a win-win for the community and the buyer,” added Davis.

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