Teknomek launches Sealwise WCB shadow boards

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has launched a new range of shadow boards for the food processing sector. Made from Sealwise’s unique Waterproof Construction Board (WCB) the boards are 100% waterproof, anti-microbial, heat resistant and infinitely customisable.

Shadow boards are at the heart of the cleaning regime of any hygienic food processing environment.  By having a dedicated station for cleaning equipment or tools, it’s possible to create order, save time, reduce mistakes and reduce damage to equipment.

“Shadow boards are a key organisational tool for organisations that utilise 5S methodology, often summarised by the statement, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’,” says Michelle Locke, product and marketing manager at Teknomek. “Even for workplaces that don’t follow the ‘Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain’ model to the letter, our new range of shadow boards ensure that all cleaning tools are kept in the correct place, with colour coding and appropriate spacing to reduce cross contamination risk and improve cleaning efficiency.”

Rather than simply supporting a well-organised cleaning regime through efficient storage of equipment, Teknomek’s new shadow boards play a far more significant role in creating and maintaining hygienic workspaces.

“Teknomek formed a partnership with Sealwise earlier this year because its Waterproof Construction Board offers something very special for our customers,” continues Michelle.  “As well as being a completely waterproof panel product which can be used in a vast range of products, Sealwise WCB is also anti-bacterial, anti-static, resistant to chemicals, and fire-resistant, making it an ideal material for food manufacturing environments where extensive and often harsh cleaning regimes are the norm.”

The core of the Sealwise construction board is made up of millions of minute bubbles bound together.  It means there is no room for water – or bacteria – to get into the product under any circumstances.  It therefore has excellent lifespan and offers customers superb value for money. Sealwise WCB utilises its own Sealwise Protect technology to provide fast, effective and long-lasting anti-bacterial protection which cannot be removed however rigorous the cleaning or wear and tear.  The treated surfaces inhibit bacterial growth and reduce odours, making Teknomek Sealwise shadow boards vastly more hygienic and durable than wood or MDF equivalents.

Teknomek has created a range of standard Sealwise WCB shadow boards to fit the Hillbrush hygiene range.  Hillbrush is the only UK-based manufacturer of hygienic colour coded cleaning equipment and brushes tailored to meet the unique requirements of food manufacturing environments.
Bespoke shadow boards can also be produced to suit other equipment ranges and particular customer needs.  They are completely customisable, allowing customers’ branding or colours to be incorporated into designs.

“This new range of shadow boards, made with Sealwise WCB, is designed to provide our customers with an organisational tool that complements and enhances their cleaning regime,” continues Michelle Locke. “But more than that, the boards are manufactured to provide a practical, robust and long-lasting solution without having to worry that they could harbour bacteria or get damaged due to water ingress.”

For more information on the new range of Sealwise shadow boards from Teknomek, visit www.teknomek.co.uk

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