Nutri-Score adjusted for milk in Germany

The Nutri-Score, a five-colour nutrition label and nutritional rating system, which attempts to simplify the nutritional rating system of the overall nutritional value of food products, will have an adjustment concerning milk and milk drinks in Germany this year.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany says milk will no longer be considered food in the future, but only a drink.” The new rating is scheduled to come into effect by the end of the year. Around 700 companies with more than 1,000 brands have already registered to use the Nutri-Score in the German marketing area.

Until the end of 2025, there will be a transitional period for registered companies to change the labelling so that they do not have to destroy goods or packaging that have already been produced. While previously, low-fat milk could also be sorted into level A, in future the dark green A will be reserved solely for water.

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