Raclette exports up to Germany

The private consumption of raclette in Switzerland fell by 798 to 8,271 tons last year and was thus at the pre-pandemic level of 2019. Due to the lower demand, production also fell by 6.8% and amounted to 16,738 tons.

However, exports were completely different. While the entire cheese industry had to accept a decline of 6.7% in terms of volume, raclette even increased slightly by 0.2%. Around 3,264 tons of raclette were exported, most of them to Germany.

By October 2022, raclette exports had also declined. But in the last quarter of 2022, the trend turned and exports increased.

“We benefited from the fact that in Germany, too, the wallet is a little looser during the holidays and consumers are happy to spend a little more for good food,” says Jürg Kriech, managing director of the Raclette Suisse organization.

The current year got off to an equally positive start, with exports up to April above the previous year’s level.

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