FrieslandCampina wins at Fi Europe for foam booster

Fi Europe‘s slate of awards for its 2023 Fi Innovation Awards and Startup Innovation Challenge included the Food Tech Innovation Award, which was won by FrieslandCampina Professional for its Kievit Vana Cappa X01 Foam Booster, which produces nitrogen bubbles at high pressure in powdered form and allows consumers to create a frothy cappuccino coffee instantly. Fellow Dutch research centre NIZO was highly commended for its biopurification process, a novel approach to removing unwanted molecules such as off-flavours from plant-based proteins using lactic acid bacteria or yeasts.

On accepting the award on behalf of FrieslandCampina Professional, Carolien Roseboom, the company’s global marketing lead, said, “What makes us so proud is that this award acknowledges the endless possibilities that our foam booster gives manufacturers to create sensory novelties and new structures, as well as to solve the pain points of unstable, thin, collecting foam. I can imagine that is going to motivate us to continue developing in this area.”

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