Koch Separation Solutions – Production of High-Quality Protein

The market for animal and plant-based proteins is rapidly growing. Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) offers complete, integrated membrane filtration and thermal separation technologies to achieve an optimal protein product.

Our technologies include the Sani-Pro® spiral membrane system and RELCO® evaporators and drying systems. These systems are designed to meet sanitary and sustainability requirements in the food and dairy industries while consistently achieving excellent product quality.

KSS membrane and thermal separation equipment have the following features and benefits:

  • Sani-Pro® ultrafiltration (UF) system with single-stage permeate collectors for water conservation during CIP and enhanced cleaning and quality control
  • Valve cluster for 24/7 operation and single-stage CIP
  • Membrane housings directly welded to the manifold for compact and sanitary design
  • Sani-Pro® membranes tolerate high pH and temperature conditions to ensure optimal protein yield and purity
  • Scalable system design that accommodates future process expansions
  • Protein purification via diafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) concentration of UF permeate for byproduct reuse and recovery of RO permeate for use in diafiltration
  • Quality monitoring in real time optimizes permeate reuse
  • Customized high-pressure sanitary flanges
  • RELCO® MVR Falling Film Evaporator efficiently achieves a higher solids concentration for a wide variety of products
  • Product is evenly distributed on each tube in the evaporator while gradual heating ensures gentle evaporation processes and prevents thermal damage to produce an optimal product suitable for spray drying
  • The RELCO® Wide Body Spray Dryer is capable of drying a variety of food and dairy products with integrated and external fluid beds for production of fat-filled products and improved dryer efficiency

KSS has solutions for a variety of dairy, food, and biotechnology applications. Our expertise spans across the concentration and purification of milk ingredients, whey protein, and lactose & permeate, as well as caustic recovery and W&WW treatment. We are determined to help customers around the world optimize their production processes and revolutionize the protein industry.

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