Mission 4 Milk

A campaign to promote drinking milk among young people in Britain cannot happen too soon, and Andy Venables is right on track. Last night, I was at the boxing class and wound up giving them a brief lesson on dairy nutrition. The instructor was fascinated by the fact that I edit a dairy magazine. The other woman asked me what I ate daily, and what I would eat when I got home after the class. Glass of milk, probably chocolate. Maybe some ice cream, or a piece of cheese, I replied. They seemed surprised. Readers, I had all three, actually. Weight lifting and punching a bag is hungry work.

Also interesting is that they didn’t know that whey was made from milk. I am sure a lot of companies are keeping that little thing a bit quiet, with the rise in veganism and all that. But hey ho. At least they get their bioavailable nutritional contents anyway with the shakes they are always drinking. Myself, I’m always going for drinking milk.

At any rate, they then asked about my favourite yogurts. Interestingly, like cheese, it depends on my mood and what I’m cooking. Full fat Greek for some tasks and meals, regular set yogurt for others. But I usually try to eat it several times a week at least.

But that’s the job, really. We are dairy, no matter where we go or what we do. In the meantime, go to Twitter and look at @mission4milk, and then spread the word.

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