Young farmers visit Meadow Foods

A group of young farmers visited Meadow Foods head office as part of the Young Farmers Programme.

Launched on 4 October 2018, the new initiative is designed to give young people involved in dairy agriculture the key business skills and industry knowledge that they will require, and will see the business invest in their development over the next two years.

The programme will be split into two parts:

First, on-the-job training including financial support and advice covering subjects such as sustainability, accounting, milk price forecasting, cost management and purchasing and will be delivered via a number of industry experts.

The second part of the programme will see Meadow Foods sponsor each participant who wants to attend an on-the-job agricultural or business course of their choosing. This is entirely voluntary – but the company will be very supportive of those who want to apply.

Mark Chantler, chief executive of Meadow Foods, said: “With this exciting new programme we aim to support the next generation of farmers and provide them with the hands-on training and funding needed to gain a wider understanding of the industry and to further their careers in farming. Taking the time to invest in and support young farmers is critically important for the future of the dairy industry and food production as a whole in the UK.”

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