Food Union launches new bifido yogurts and ice-cream inspired curd snacks

Consumers are seeking products with an increased focus on health and wellness, that also provides them with ease of enjoyment on-the-go. Food Union, the global scale ice cream and dairy producing and distributing group, has tapped into the consumer need to enjoy a quality, nourishing and nutritious snack which is easy to transport and has all the goodness of curd with flavour qualities of fresh fruit. By choosing fruit like blueberry that offers antioxidants, it ensures each mouthful gives a burst of goodness.

Three bifido yogurts with curd for healthy mornings

Traditional and widely recognised in Latvia, Valmiera curd is now available in a new version – with bifido yogurt, fruit and berries. The new product has been developed to meet the needs of consumers who want to eat ready-made and nutritious breakfasts. The product contains a lot of protein (5.8 g), 30% less sugar than other related products, and at the bottom of every cup there is either blueberry, cranberry, or quince and Mirabelle plum jam.

“These products have been created by merging the boundaries between related categories of curd and yogurt. The result is unprecedented, in terms of taste and ease of use. These are brand new recipes that combine quality milk from Latvian farms, Valmieras Piens fermented milk product traditions and innovative production technologies,” emphasizes Juliāna Juškeviča, marketing manager at Food Union Latvia.

Five ice cream inspired curd snacks for tasty on-the-go moments

Across Baltic states and in Lithuania specifically, curd snacks are a popular dairy dessert category that have great potential in the healthy snacking category. A curd snack is a sweetened 40g to 50g curd bar typically covered in a chocolate glaze. Pols is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Lithuania and its iconic glazed ice creams on the stick are widely consumed, especially during the warm season. Inspired by the 2020 success of Pols ice creams on a stick with fruit glaze, Premia KPC decided to launch curd snacks with fruit glaze. It is the first ever curd-to-go dairy product offering under this established ice cream brand Pols to open up the taste spectrum for consumers in another product category.

Glazed Pols curd snacks are available nationwide with flavours like lemon, caramel, creamy vanilla, raspberry and blackcurrant.

“We have received a great deal of positive feedback from the market on Pols “going dairy” with ice cream inspired curd snacks. They are fun and energizing protein-rich products to treat oneself breakfast, lunch or dinner. Given the commercial success we are determined to continue developing this innovative product line by adding new tastes briefly before Summer 2021,” says Lina Pogozelske, marketing manager at Premia KPC (Food Union Group).

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