DMK reduces stakeholding in F+S

The DMK Group intends to reduce its previous majority stakeholding in the Fude + Serrahn Milchprotukte and Fude + Serration Dairy Products Administration. The latter company produces bulk dairy products in powder and mix formats.

Fude + Serrahn VmbH increasing its 41% stakeholding to around 90%, with DMK holding the remaining 10%.

“The participation in Fude + Serrahn as a production and trading company has delivered good investment results in the past. However, as a dairy body we focus on our core business in the future in order to position our individual business units optimally. So, we put more in the position to free our own potential of DMK and grow in these areas,” says DMK CEO Ingo Müller.

“We are pleased that the DMK Group remains involved with a minority share of 10% and thus the successful collaboration of the past is appreciated. We see the change as a great opportunity for our company and see us excellently for the future. We will continue to promote our previous plans and strategies and continue to solidify our positioning on the market,” says Andreas Serrahn, managing director of Fude + Serrahn.

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