Teknomek adds Eurobin Tippers to safe handling product range

In response to customer demand, hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has, for the first time, added Eurobin Lifters and Tippers to its product range. Teknomek is making the range available to customers as part of its ongoing commitment to delivering products which actively contribute to a safe and productive working environment.

Each product in the range is expertly designed to align lift, tipping speed and angle ensuring smooth integration within the production line. Accommodating 200 litre, stainless steel Eurobins can be raised from 90cm to over 4m, with a safe working load of up to 300kgs, Teknomek will provide advice to customers on which item in the range best suits their production needs. 

Many of the safety features within the new range also aid productivity. The optional guard doors are electrically and mechanically interlocked, preventing the tippers from operating when the door is open so that the operator is able to press go and then safely work elsewhere.

The range of tippers and lifters are designed to support cleaning in place (CIP).  As well as being fitted with an IP65 stainless steel control panel, the many fine attention to detail design features aid rapid clean down time. 

“Everything we do at Teknomek is about helping customers create productive, risk managed, hygienic work environments, and this includes safe lifting and handling; hence the introduction of this new Eurobin Tipper and Lifter range,” explains Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek. “As with all our products, the tippers and lifters are intelligently designed so they support operator and cleaning efficiency.”

For more information, call the Teknomek customer services team on 01603 788833.

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