The cauldron master is revealed

In German cheese dairy, Gläserne Molkerei, located near Spreewald, organic cheese is still traditionally made in copper cauldrons. Therefore a new range of cheeses has a brand identity closely linked to the cauldron, master craftsmanship and cheese making skills: Kesselmeister (cauldron master).

For organic Kesselmeister cheese, fresh pasture milk from the region of north-eastern Germany is used. The cows graze on an average of 220 days a year: With this alone, the Gläserne Molkerei significantly exceeds the minimum pasture milk standard.

“Traditional craftsmanship and natural cheese are valued at the cheese counter. Healthy nutrition and the desire for species-appropriate animal husbandry are more than just a short-lived trend. With our Kesselmeister we have exactly the right answer to the wishes at the cheese counter,” claims Bettina Voss, marketing manager at Gläserne Molkerei.

Kesselmeister semi-hard cheese is now available with an improved recipe in the three varieties Goldstück, Pfefferecke and Kleekorn (gold piece, pepper corner and clover grain).

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