VIDEO: Vinamilk’s Ozela beverage for ‘tweens’

Vinamilk, Vietnam’s leading dairy products manufacturer, has launched a drinking yogurt under the brand name ‘Ozela’ that is designed specifically to meet the needs of preteen children, and is packaged in the carton pack combiblocMini 200 ml from SIG Combibloc. The three drinking yogurts, available in strawberry, orange and kiwi/apple, provide an extra portion of important B vitamins, which are essential for cell division and metabolism. The combination of yogurt and Vitamin B is thought to be particularly beneficial for children between seven and 13 years old, who are just coming up to their teens.

Pham Minh Tiên, CMO of Vinamilk says, “We are committed to offering consumers high-quality foods and beverages that significantly contribute to a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. To develop products like these, it’s vital that we think and act innovatively. With our new ‘Ozela’ drinking yogurt, we’re focusing very specifically on the so-called ‘tweens’, who are aged between 7 and 13 years. This target group is right between their childhood and their teenage years; in a sense, they are ‘inbetween’. The ingredients in Ozela naturally activate their metabolism, have a beneficial effect on blood formation and the nervous system. And after a tiring day at school they give these children fresh energy for their leisure activities”. Ozela is the first drinking yogurt in Vietnam that is aimed specifically at this target group.

Yoghurt-based drinks, packaged in carton packs such as combiblocMini from SIG Combibloc, are becoming more and more popular, especially in Asia. Traditionally, in this part of the world consumer health-consciousness plays a key role in food selection. This healthconsciousness is bringing the dairy industry strong growth rates in the yogurt drinks sector, because these products are good sources of calcium, potassium and magnesium, and benefit the intestinal flora. Up to now, in the yogurt drinks sector Vinamilk has had the brands Sua Chua Uong for young adults and Susu for toddlers and pre-schoolers in its product portfolio. With Ozela, the company is now closing the gap and focusing on the age group in between the two.

The market launch of Ozela was supported by TV commercials, advertising campaigns, supermarket promotions, a range of activities in schools and the distribution of free samples.

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