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Exhibitors both new and established will be joining Dairy Industries International at the International Cheese & Dairy Expo in Stafford, UK on 27 June. Ranging from Blackwater Engineering to Yorkshire Dama, and everything in between, it will be accompanied by the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, as well as the Society of Dairy Technology‘s Summer Symposium on 26 June. The industry is flocking to Staffordshire County Showground.

For founding exhibitor Blackwater Engineering, its experience stems from the roots of the Irish dairy industry and it has become the trusted supplier to all of the major food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical companies in Ireland, UK, Europe and The Middle East. From stainless steel process vessels and storage silos, from roadtankers to bulk solids handling and process systems Blackwater Engineering has a solution to fit process system and vessel requirements.

With over 50 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of stainless-steel vessels and systems it has handled a huge array of products for the food, dairy, beverage and pharma industries and ensure that all of its vessel design is bespoke to suit specific requirements and for specific products. It works with recognised brands and industry leaders to provide solutions for process requirements.

Meanwhile, fellow founder CEM began its journey with its establishment in 1978, under the current CEO, Dr. Michael J. Collins. For over 40 years it has designed and developed laboratory instrumentation and scientific methods (both microwave-based and non-microwave technologies) that are used by major companies, prestigious research institutes, and universities around the world. It is a private company with global headquarters outside Charlotte, North Carolina, along with offices in England, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Singapore, and Ireland. Its major products provide unique solutions for compositional analysis of food and chemical samples, acid digestion for elemental analysis, and chemical synthesis of peptides and small molecules.

New exhibitor, Meurens of Belgium, supplies the food processing industry with non-refined organic and natural products, using an environmentally-friendly production process. The company has been operating for over 100 years in Belgium and offers bespoke research and development for processors, for tailor-made ingredients derived from raw materials such as oats, rice, figs barley, prunes and other natural sources.

It’s a show not to miss! Please contact Samantha Bull at [email protected], or visit www.internationalcheesedairyexpo.com.

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