Milk deliveries then and now

I am a person of two milk delivery services now. I signed up to the Modern Milkman, and have also retained my Milk & More deliveries, as they are on alternate days anyway. We drink a lot of the liquid stuff in our house, and you should see the size of our offspring. The guys from the outdoor boxing workout swear that he grows weekly.

The new service managed to get me by showing up at my door in the form of a genial Mancunian (person from Manchester in the UK). We then downloaded the app and went from there. I have to say, I have become a big fan of apps. With a couple of jabs of my fingers on my ever-present phone, I can order more of whatever and pay for it.

I will report back as to how the two services worked out. I know Milk & More delivers regularly and what they generally offer, and it seems the Modern Milkman does similar items. I was surprised to see that they are headed south, as I was familiar with them up north in the UK. I was informed that they are working with farms down south now, so let the competition commence.

I am not very price conscious when it comes to milk, so it might be something else for me when it comes to deliveries. It is quite a change from leaving notes out on the doorstep for the milkman, I have to say, but I feel it is encouraging to have a bit of competition in the area.

It is also interesting that the new delivery service offers only glass bottles for the milk – remember when Dairy Crest was going to shut down its bottling facilities due to low demand and move over solely to plastic back in 2014? It also offers double cream by the glass pint.

It’s all a bit Back to the Future now for dairy products, I think. It also goes to show that one must be careful when dealing with dairy products and their delivery – milk is more than just a food product, it’s childhood memories and feelings. That applies to the packaging as well.

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