Petschar with another happy message

Austrian dairies were able to export milk and dairy products in the amount of €1.23 billion in 2018. This represents an increase of €48 million or 4.1% compared to 2017.

“This shows that last year the Austrian dairy industry succeeded in scoring high quality products abroad as well”, said the president of the Association of Austrian Milk Processors (VÖM), Helmut Petschar, on the provisional foreign trade figures of Statistics Austria.

There has also been an increase in imports of dairy products, although to a lesser extent. The totaled import valued €831 million, thus achieving a slightly higher positive foreign trade balance of €401 million.

The most important foreign trade product is still cheese, where 152,000 tons were exported for €617 million, while 121,000 tons were imported for €476 million. Both imports and exports increased with average export earnings rising slightly and import prices declining slightly.

The second most important export group is liquid dairy products, where exports fell to 655,000 tons, or €289 million, while rising imports amounted to 207 million tons, or €111 million.

The third most important group is fermented dairy, yoghurt, etc. There were slight declines in volumes with slightly rising prices in exports, and declining import volumes.

Whey exports rose to €104 million, with slightly declining volumes, and imports of whey products amounted to €47 million.

Butter accounted for 17,500 tons of imports, while 3,700 tons were exported.

The most important export countries were Germany, Italy and Australia, while main importing countries were also Germany and Italy followed by the Netherlands.

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