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Emmentaler AOP has begun a new international brand campaign in Switzerland and some other European countries in 2023. The ‘Share a Piece of You’ campaign is supposed to create a valuable connection between the product and the consumer, between passionate craftsmanship and conscious enjoyment, the association says.

The multi-year campaign aims to make Emmentaler AOP a versatile, varied and permanent part of the lives of young consumers. Analysis of the target groups previously carried out by Emmentaler Switzerland shows that the consumption and enjoyment habits are closely linked to lifestyle, sociability and well-being. Whether they are culinary foodies, lifestyle-oriented and health-conscious digital natives, travelers or family-oriented epicureans: they appreciate transparency, high quality and sustainability and love to share their food with friends and family.

“Share a Piece of You marks the start of the future for Emmentaler AOP,” says Urs Schluechter, director of Emmentaler Switzerland.  “A world-renowned brand with a centuries-old tradition not only shares its values with its previous consumers, but also with the younger generations – the millennials – who believe in the same values that have always inspired Emmentaler AOP. The strongest asset of this campaign is the chosen language and tonality and the ability to address the issues, which matter most to the younger generations. Much more than a repositioning, Share a Piece of You is a powerful and immediate call to action, which connects our brand with the modern consumer.”

In the coming months, the brand campaign will be launched in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, the Benelux countries and Spain. Depending on the country, the campaign can be seen in various online and offline media such as TV, online news portals, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and on the website, The aim is to continuously increase awareness of Emmentaler AOP, especially among young people.

The campaign will tell that the cheese icon is a sustainably manufactured Swiss natural product. Whether pure or in combination with other fine ingredients, whether in cold or warm dishes, Emmentaler AOP is made to be enjoyed.

The Emmentaler Switzerland variety organisation is behind the campaign It promotes natural Emmentaler AOP made from raw milk in a long-term and sustainable manner in Switzerland and abroad on behalf of its members, and consists of three interest groups: milk producers, cheese manufacturers and trading companies.

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