Speakers announced for IDF non-cow milk symposium

The International Dairy Federation has announced its lineup of speakers for the 8th IDF International Symposium on sheep, goat and other non-cow milk, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, 4-5 May 2020.

Invited speakers include:

  • Dr Nicoline de Haan, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya
  • Ms Anna-Maria Baka, World Organisation for Animal Health
  • Dr Haim Leibovich,Consultant on dairy systems, Israel
  • Dr Sophie Gallier, Dairy Goat Co-operative, New Zealand
  • Assoc Prof Mutamed Ayyash, UAE University, United Arab Emirates
  • Prof Thom Huppertz, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
  • Assist Prof Nurit Argov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Presentations will describe the latest scientific advances about milk originating from other animals than cows on the fields of human nutrition, science and technology, milk production and quality, as well as advances on animal health.

The Scientific Committee is pleased to invite authors to submit their abstracts for oral and poster presentations. The deadline for abstract submissions is 20 December 2019.

Conference topics include:

  • Sustainability: socio-economic and environmental aspects
  •  Animal health, udder health and milking efficiency
  • Milk production strategies
  • Novel milk products & health impact
  • Processing technologies
  • Quality & safety “Farm to Table”

The event will be of interest to scientists and other professionals involved in the sheep’s, goat’s and other non-cow’s dairy sectors including milk producers, dairy processing industry, trade associations, academia and governments. More information is available here.

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