Dairy innovators recognised at DairyAP Summit 2019 awards

The six winners of this year’s Dairy Industry Asia Pacific Awards 2019 were announced at a special awards ceremony in Singapore. The awards were hosted by Duxes, the organisers of the 6th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2019 (DairyAP), and aimed to recognise the most outstanding products and contributions to the region’s dairy market over the past 12 months.

There were six prizes awarded in total. The products and companies honoured ranged from an innovative new line of probiotic yogurts, to a plant-based beverage aimed at Asia’s increasing coffee-drinking consumers, through to a high-tech packaging solution that promotes essential food safety in the infant nutrition segment.

Best Dairy Ingredient Innovation of the Year
Chr Hansen for it Sweety Y-1, a naturally sweeter dairy culture, developed with the participation of an in-house team of experts at Chr. Hansen’s research laboratories in Denmark.

Using groundbreaking technology they were able to produce a bio-culture that converts sugar differently to traditional processes, resulting in a sweeter-tasting yogurt. This means that less sugar needs to be added to counterbalance yogurt’s naturally sour flavour, and Chr. Hansen’s customers can benefit from a healthier end product.

Most Welcomed Packaging Solution of the Year
United Caps for it 127 SAFE-TE tamper-evident closure specially designed for the needs of the Asian infant nutrition market. The 127 SAFE-TE closure increases baby food safety and convenience with an impenetrable security feature which means it cannot be opened and resealed. In this way, it addresses a key concern of customers in Asia.

Popular Asia-Pacific Plant Based Drink of the Year
Sweden-based Oatly for its Barista Edition foamable oatmilk drink, which was specially developed so that it can be used as a dairy alternative when making milky drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Best Yogurt Innovation of the Year
Local dairy giant Yili for its Yili Yixiao Fermented Milk. This influential drink series was first developed by Yili experts at their main innovation centre in Shanghai, and centres around a particular species of probiotic named Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis).

The resulting strain that Yili now uses in its Yixiao series, Bifidobacterium strain BL-99, has shown promise in treating a range of digestion-related conditions, from intestinal infections to irritable bowel syndrome, according to the company.

Most Sustainable & Innovative Rigid Packaging Solution of the Year
PolyOne for its ColorMatrix Lactra light-blocking additive. This additive can be used during the manufacturing process for PET bottles, reducing the breakdown of dairy products whilst they are exposed to light, making them stay fresher and giving them a longer shelf-life.

Most Impactful Brand of the Year
Theland for Milk New Zealand. The Chinese-owned dairy farm group hit the headlines after it secured a trading agreement with online retailer Alibaba to market its fresh milk direct to Chinese consumers. The deal has been a great success.

Through its network of farms in New Zealand and the unique advantages of grass farming, natural grazing and natural milk production, Theland has also been able to produce its 4.0 Protein Pure Milk product, which has a higher than normal nutrition profile.

Another of Milk New Zealand’s breakthrough achievements has been to reduce farm-to-retailer shipping times. Thanks to an agreement with Shanghai Customs and Changning District Government, the company has been able to deliver products to the mainland in less than 72 hours, setting a new benchmark standard.


Meanwhile, this year’s DairyAP summit featured a wide range of speakers and experts from the world of dairy in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, who came together to discuss the latest trends, regulations and hot topics affecting the market. The first day of the event focused on “Safety and Farm Management”, whilst the second day is scheduled to concentrate on “Innovations in products and Marketing”.

The presentations at the summit include those by highly-regarded professionals from many of the major dairy organisations, retailers and businesses in the world and the APAC region such as Fonterra, Yili, Lazada, Amul Dairy, Nestle, Guangzhou Society of Agronomy, Vietnam Dairy Association and Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development.

To learn more about 6th DairyAP 2019, and discover the full list of participants and speakers featured at the event, please visit the official website here.

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