World Milk Day 2021

On 1 June we celebrate World Milk Day, with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. Now in its 22nd year, it aims to help create a positive stream of conversation and generally display how much we all love milk. The 2021 celebrations begin with the Enjoy Dairy Rally 29-31 May, culminating with World Milk Day on Tuesday, 1 June. This year, the theme will focus on Sustainability in the dairy sector, with messages around the environment, nutrition and socio-economics. In doing so we will re-introduce dairy farming to the world, the FAO says.

It is exciting. Over 417 campaigns in 68 countries took place on World Milk Day 2020, with 842 million social media impressions, and hopefully this year will surpass that.

Have a look at the website, as there’s a map that shows where the various events are this year, ranging from full cream milk taste tests and reviews in Australia, to a virtual campaign in India to spread awareness about the sustainability of milk production. There are events on every continent except Antarctica.

In Nigeria, a World Milk day will offer a conference of the Nigerian dairy industry’s stakeholders to celebrate the contributions of the dairy sector to economic developments and livelihoods. In Sweden, a new report on school milk will be released, and in Mexico, a virtual farm tour of a dairy farm in Mexico will be underway on the day. A virtual meeting of the International Dairy Federation’s 43 national committees is also being held on the day.

It promises to be a great weekend culminating in the great day that is World Milk Day. Don’t miss out and join in wherever you are on the planet. As we all know, milk and dairy unite us. We raise our glass of milk, and toast you all.

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