Hochwald to buy Almil

Hochwald Foods is seeking permission to buy the majority of Almil, headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany. The package also includes Schütten & Lemmerholz Handelsgesellschaft in Neuss and the Wagenfeld K. Niemann dairy in Walsrode.

Almil had in 2017 fixed assets of €19.5 million, of which €19.2 million was property, plant and equipment, while sales amounted to €115 million. Equity in the amount of €12 million was offset by liabilities of €5.2 million. Almil includes the Bützower permanent milk plant, an Allgäu alpine milk plant in Weiding, Leguna Nutrition in Mauerkirchen in Austria and 50% of the Wagenfeld dairy.

Schütten & Lemmerholz Hande had sales of €109 million in 2017. The object of the company is food import, export and wholesaling. Milk products are also traded, especially butter. The company has held a 50% stake in the Wagenfeld dairy since 2012. Wagenfeld Karl Niemann dairy mainly supplies the food retailer with home-made herb butter, butter and other dairy products.

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